Custom Recycled Metal Bowls

Are there historical, interesting, or unique qualities about your town or store? Design your own custom product for your store so customers can remember and cherish their favorite place! 

Custom Recycled Metal Bowls

$12.50 for large bowls (min. 30)
$11.50 for small bowls (min. 30)

*There is a Design Fee of $30 for each NEW sample bowl (reorder of designs do not have additional design fees unless changes are made). Design fee covers costs of molds for each bowl sample and up to 3 revisions of the same bowl design not including spelling errors. 

*Create your own design and words for the bowl. Sending us a sketch or image helps the artisans to be more precise when making samples.

*We will send the artisans your design and they will send us an image of the proof.

*If you approve, artisans will start production. By confirming your sample for production, you agree to pay and are responsible the full amount of the order. 

*If you would like to revise, we will send revisions to the artisans and request another sample - you may only revise up to 3 times, otherwise another $30 Design Fee will be required.

*Minimum order of 30 pieces required.

Bowl Guidelines: Please see bowl pictures for clarification

*Regular size bowls have 3 rungs, therefore you may choose 3 words or phrases to go on each rung. 

*Small bowls have 2 rungs, therefore you may choose 2 words or phrases to go on each rung.

*Each word has a picture/design of your choosing in between to break up the word; ex. State shape, swirl, sea shell, sun, etc. Please send us a photo which you want the artisans to use. 

*The center of the bowl has a picture/design of your choosing. Please send us a photo which you want the artisans to use. 

*Bowls come in a reddish brown color; should you want your bowls dipped in a different color, please specify.

*Production may take up to 50-60 days. Shipping to our office varies. We are no longer receiving shipments from India by air - only ocean. We get 2 ocean shipments per year (January + July). We will not charge your card until the order ships out to you.



Custom Order Policies:   

-Please note that state/city shapes are not exclusive and you do not own the rights to these images. We do our best so as not to sell to those who are close in proximity to each other. 

-Custom orders cannot be cancelled/modified after the samples are confirmed by you. Customer agrees to pay and is responsible for the full amount of the order once sample is confirmed. 

-Please note that no sales or promotions of any kind can be applied to any custom orders regardless of time of order. Thank you. 


Please feel free to contact us regarding your custom order! Information we need to begin your order:
1. Words for your bowl, and if you want a small (2 rungs) or large (3 rungs) bowl.
2. Shape between words on the rungs of your bowl
3. Shape at the center of your bowl (IF different than the shape between your words)
4. Your order quantity (minimum 30)