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A New Mira

A New Us

It's no secret anymore - we've changed our image! Many of you have noticed the logo update, and with that comes some change in the way we represent ourself to you all. 

The Logo
The first impression we make on you as a customer and the way we represent the company. We wanted to keep our chili pepper in the design of the logo as it was a staple when the business was first created. This can be seen in the first flame of our new logo! The second change is more noticeable in that our "icon"  is now a beautiful flame that represents a new beginning, like a phoenix rising from ash. Fire is also a wonderful element that resides in the rituals and lives of many of our artisans - a full circle decision that ties our artisans to the amazing crafts that they create for us. 

The Messages
From "Fair Trade" to "Trading Fairly." This positive message inspires us to continue our effort to trade goods fairly and consistently within the principles of the Fair Trade Federation. It also encourages others to think how they trade - are you being fair? Do you know how to be fair in your purchasing and trading?

From "Handmade, Socially Responsible Shopping" to "Love How You Buy." You're going to shop, to trade. Its inevitable, so why not love how you do it. This slogan truly touches at the core of the goals we are working towards. If you are being fair and just in what you buy, then buying items that are wholesome, skillfully crafted and made from those who are receiving fair wages and benefits from their work should make you love how you buy! No guilt here - our products are also made from mostly recycled and upcycled materials!

The Brand
We strive to be a wholesome, fun and unique company that brings skilled craftsmanship and traditional artforms to our customers. With this new image, we want to be even more transparent than we were before in how we design, connect and trade with our artisan partners. We want to bring you stories and achievements from our partners to show that our (you and I) efforts are working! 

There's the short and sweet on our rebranding adventure! To those that made 2018 a successful year, we thank you. And to those who will make 2019 an even more successful year, we thank you too! 

All our love, 

The Mira Team
Meera, Emily and Cori