Mission & Values


Mira Fair Trade strives to promote social justice by working directly with underprivileged artisans by paying them fair wages to help them develop the knowledge to support themselves and their families.


Mira Fair Trade is committed to empowering women and underprivileged communities, and moving towards a global Fair Trade lifestyle through the promotion of the Fair Trade Principles.


Mira Fair Trade believes in empowering women and the individual as an approach to improving the livelihoods of the household and community as a whole.


Embracing diversity is at the foundation of Mira Fair Trade. We respect the cultural values of the artisans we work with, as well as those of the people around the world who are supported by Fair Trade.


Sustainability is a priority for our business practices in addition to the products we procure from our artisans. At least 75% of our packaging materials are recycled, and product materials are responsibly sourced if not 100% recycled or upcycled.