Who does your purchase empower on #FairTuesday?

Photo Credit: http://www.fairtuesday.com/
After Thanksgiving feasts have taken place and football is over, the shopping frenzy begins. Stores open on 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day and stay open all night letting crowds rummage through their shelves in search of the best deals. Then, not two days later does the online shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday, begin again with shoppers attached to their computers and phones searching websites for even more bargains. 

Although these deals seem enticing, it's eye-opening to take a step back and see how much money is dumped into these days...many, many millions. Instead of encouraging the frenzy this holiday, we want to shed light on an alternative: #FairTuesday. This was a new concept to me this year as I have never personally heard of it, but once I did my research I realized what an impact this day could have on our planet. 

#FairTuesday is a conscious shopping day where consumers are encouraged to buy fair trade, eco-friendly and ethical products. This response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday helps fair trade and underprivileged artisans around the globe and helps the environment by encouraging the purchase of products made with recycled and environmentally-friendly materials.

Although this day helps inspire ethical gift buying and giving, there is need for continual education regarding the success of buying fair trade, eco-friendly, etc. and how it helps these artisans, their families, and the Earth! If we all bought products like these instead of buying from big box stores and companies, we could start to really help others in need! So we want YOU to spread the word about #FairTuesday! And remember to stop into your local gift shop to find recycled, fair trade, eco-friendly, or ethical gifts for your friends and family this holiday and every day! The more we spread the word, the more we can help our brothers and sisters in need!

To learn more about the #FairTuesday movement, go to http://www.fairtuesday.com/