Fall Decor Favorites

With this changing weather and rainy skies, were counting down the days until pumpkin spiced drinks, warm, fuzzy scarves and fall boots. Naturally, we also want you to be prepared with fall decor that makes you feel cozy when you're at home lying on your couch with your plush blanket and slippers. So let us do the recommending, and you the relaxing. 

Wooden Leaf Coasters -  Set of 4

Leaf Coasters

Bring nature indoors with these simply designed Leaf Coasters. Each set contains 4 pieces and a holder to keep them all in one place. Crafted from mango wood, these coasters are cut to shape my simple machines and carved and painted by hand. Much care goes into each piece to give it a rustic look.

Antique Wrapped Wire Birds - Set of 2


Our best selling Silver Wrapped Wire Birds are too big of a hit not to introduce these antique-colored birds. Their color is perfect for for a fall scene on your mantle! Hand-wrapped by our artisans at Johra & Bohra Handicrafts in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. 

Wooden Napkin Holder

Wooden Napkin Holder

This weighted napkin holder fits small and large napkins for all of your cookie needs! Made from mango wood, its light, grainy texture make the white wash stand out. The weighted bar is made from painted aluminum. 

Buddha Bell

Imagine practicing yoga in your home, with your fuzzy socks and a warm drink next to you. Now imagine it with this zen-ful Buddha Bell hanging in your yoga room! Made from recycled sheet metal, this bell is a work of art. Watch how it's made here!

Solo Copper Coated Bells

Our copper coated bells are great for any season. Their resounding tones are peaceful and melodic to relax you throughout the day. These bells come in 6 different sizes!