Father's Day Ideas

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Father's Day in the first place other than the fact that dads are AWESOME? Here's a little history for ya:

Father's Day was first talked about after a mining accident killed 361 men in Monongah, West Virginia in December 1907. A Sunday sermon was held in honor of these men, thus becoming the first fathers-only memorial event in the U.S. 

Getting her inspiration from the woman behind the Mother's Day movement, Sonora Smart Dodd pushed to have an official day to honor fathers for their hard work and commitment to their families. Dodd and her 5 other brothers and sisters were raised by only their father, hence her inspiration to honor her dad. 

The first Father's Day was celebrated in the state of Washington on June 19, 1910.The holiday spread around the country and in 1924, Calvin Coolidge urged state governments to observe the holiday. It wasn't until Nixon that the holiday became permanent in 1972. Today the holiday is observed on the third Sunday of June. 

Now that you have a little bit of history, don't you think dad is a little more deserving of just a card and some Snickers bars? We've compiled a list of gifts your father, grandfather, father-in-law, step-father or any father figure in your life will love!

Mustache Coasters

Sold in an assorted set of 6 different mustache styles, these coasters are unique in design and also keep water marks off of your furniture. Made from sustainable mango wood. 

Gear Picture Frame

Made from upcycled bike chains, these frame is eco-friendly with a rustic touch! If dad likes motorcycles or just a casual bike ride on a trail, he'll love this frame with your picture in it!

Flex Bowls

Even dad needs to organize! Our Flex Bowls come in both small and large sizes depending on your needs. These bowls can bend into 5 different shapes based on what you hold in each. Try it out! Customers love them!

 Recycled Keys Hook

This hook, made from once-used keys, gives dad a space to hang his jacket, keys and hat! This sturdy hook hold enough weight for all that dad needs to hang. Surprise him by hanging this by a door or in an entry way!

Mr. Mustache Eyeglasses Holder

Does dad have glasses that he keeps setting down and "losing"? Help him remember where they are with these sustainable eyeglasses holders!