Reasons To Shop Local

Small business Saturday is coming up at the end of the month. This has us thinking about the benefits of shopping local. Most fair trade shops are small, local businesses. In order to keep fair trade artisans employed, these small shops are essential. When you shop at these small local shops you’re helping local business people who are working to better the community. Any purchase makes a difference.
Keep Your Community Unique
The best things about a community are things that are unique to that community. Nobody wants to live in a place that has the same shops and restaurants as everywhere else. Local shops make our communities feel like home and give people from outside a reason to visit.
Support Local Business Owners
People in the local community who know what is best for the community are making business decisions. This means that they are stocking their shops based on local demands rather than just stocking the same things nationally.
Building Community,
These businesses often support local events and work to make them happen. This can be anything from sponsoring an event to setting up booths at local festivals to giving local groups a place to meet. They also encourage downtown centers where people can walk around, shop, eat and enjoy themselves.
Support Local Organizations
Small businesses are also much more likely to support and donate to local non-profit organizations and to keep the money in the local economy by shopping at other local businesses.
Product diversity
Local shops often offer unique products that are not available everywhere else.  
Create jobs
When you shop local, you help to employ people locally and give businesses an opportunity to grow. As an added bonus, when you shop fair trade local shops, you’re employing artisans from around the world.
Better Service
Employees and business owners are much more likely to know more about their products and be able to recommend the best products for your individual needs. They are also more likely to have or form personal connections to their customers so they know what they are looking for.
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