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The Best 5 Fair Trade Gifts for Mom

Shopping for a gift for your mom for Mother's Day can be very challenging, especially if you want to do something new or unexpected. Even if you live close enough to spend time with your mom on Mother's Day, it's still difficult to come up with a unique gift every year. 
First of all, I LOVE being a MOM and all moms would probably agree. It is the single most rewarding and hardest gig I have ever signed up for. I think most moms feel the same way and love to cherish every single moment. Each mothers’ day, I think about what my mother has instilled in me and the memories I have of her. 
#1.In an age of high tech and the internet more and more importance is placed on storing away important items. We can tend to forget the past if not observed daily. That’s where I think a picture frame is a GREAT idea. I personally have so many pictures in my home in need of a frame. A frame with your favorite photo is an awesome way of saying “I cherish my time with you!” Check out our Bike Chain Picture Frame or our “Tree of Life” picture and card holder. Put your favorite photo of you and mom in one of these. An instant gratifying testament to motherhood.
(Photo by Zee Bee Market)
#2.  As a mom myself, I realize I do need to spend more time on myself, for me it’s a simple walk, enjoying a cup of joe, an exercise or yoga class. Some days are so busy and I may not have time for the above and I just need to remember to take a deep breath and remember to “Breathe”. Mira  has a variety of simple decorative decor reminding us to “breathe” ,” Live Laugh Love”, “Family, Faith and Friends”, “Coffee” or “Namaste”. They can be easily hung were they can be an inspiring reminder each day to enjoy life as it comes.
Namaste Wall Art
#3. I love the season of year that Mothers’ day is celebrated. Spring is in full swing and I am getting my sun room and deck area ready for more time being spent in those quarters. This is when I suddenly am scouting out new flowers and greenery to place in these areas. I am always at a loss for interesting and unique containers for them. Mira has absolutely the cutest planters there could possibly be out there for our plants. A wide variety of cuties too, an ant just relaxing in the sun, a moose who is out of hibernation, and who doesn’t like your better than average house pets, a cat and dog? Also, a great conversation piece when people visit.
#4. Mom’s need to be surrounded by beautiful décor right? Hey it’s moms’ who have some of the dirtiest and unpleasant job in our homes, from scrubbing the toilet to scrubbing the kitchen floor. Handling lots and lots of dirty laundry, not to mention the all-time favorite-cleaning up after a night with a child with the stomach flu. Mira has the most beautiful elephant tapestries in 3 sizes and table runner all made from recycled sari’s. A true beauty to be placed and seen by mom each day. Each one is unique and one of a kind –just like mom!
#5. The Sound of Music! Well sort of. Moms long to hear soft accolades’ on a daily basis as they scurry through their jam packed days. Nothing more calms the soul than the sound of wind blowing through beautiful chimes. The selection is elegant and whimsical. Mira has more than 10 hand crafted chimes that are flying off our shelves this spring. We have the chime that would be a sweet melodic gift for any mother of any age or specific taste. Butterflies, flowers, elephants, turtles, birds, frogs and of course entwined hearts. These chimes are designed and made with great devotion to the craft.
We hope these gift ideas are a simple delight and grateful gesture to your mom for all she means to you! Remember, hugs and kisses are ALWAYS welcome by mothers everywhere!
- Audrey | Mira Fair Trade