What you missed at NY Now!

Hello Fair Trade Family!

We were so happy to see our friends who made it out to the NY Now Trade Show last week. It was great to catch up with you all and see what was new with fair trade! 

For those of you who weren't able to make it, we wanted to share our experience with you and get you up to speed on our latest progresses and products!


We introduced all of our 2017-2018 products at the show for the first time to customers. We had an overwhelming response and a great show! This response definitely solidifies our faith in Fair Trade and moves us to keep working hard for you, our customers, and the artisans we stand behind. 

A Big Hit:

mandala tapestries

Our new Mandala Tapestries were a hit a the show! A beautiful piece of home decor, the Mandala Tapestry can be used as wall art, a throw or blanket in a dorm or on a couch, or even a colorful tablecloth in your dining room! We were so happy that these took off because they really are a lovely piece of art!

Up & Coming:


With retailers gearing up for the holiday season, our wrapped wire snowmen caught the eye of the many visitors who walked past and entered our booth. Made from thin metal wire and a thick frame, a continuous wire is wrapped around the frame to create these simple but chic snowmen! They come in 2 colors, traditional silver and rustic copper, and 2 different sizes for an ultimate holiday mantle look! 

A Crowd Favorite:


close up bunting

We introduced a new bunting style (top two in above picture) which has traditional kantha stitching running through it and comes in a wild variety of colors as you can see by the picture! Our original Sari Buntings are still a favorite, but we had a great response to the new buntings, which took off! 

Friends Who Stopped By (a shout out to you!):

(Laura Camp from Simply Fair)

(Chris Solt from the Fair Trade Federation)

(Tina DoLatowski from Lion and Blue)

So there is a quick update of what's happening in our world! If you didn't make it to the show, let's talk! Get in touch with us to talk about best sellers and new products, and let us know if you want to place an order! We would also LOVE for you to have one of our new catalogs (either PDF or physical copy) - so send us an email at sales@shopmira.com or call us at  412-430-0120 to request one! 

Happy shopping!

-The Mira Fair Trade Team