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Artisan Artforms: Fair Trade Wood

Our fair trade wood products are made by hand and by using basic power tools in Moradabad, India. In 2017, due to Indian Rosewood's (or Sheesham Wood) overuse and declining numbers, governing bodies mandated that the wood stop being used for production and export. Since then, our artisans switched to mango wood coming from the mango tree. Since mangoes are in high demand, the trees are abundant and are a great source for wood products. After a couple of years, the tree can no longer bear fruits and is cut down and used for making products such as ours! Mango wood is noticeably more grainy and lighter that Indian Rosewood. 

Some products such as our Tree of Life Coasters and hooks are burnt around the edges to get a dark finish and texture. They products can also be painted any color! Profits from these products help the artisans expand their business and support their families! Watch below as our artisan carves our Tree of Life Photo Holder!