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Artisan Artforms: Reclaimed Bike Chain

Bike Chain Artisans

The most widely used forms of transportation in India are motorbikes and bicycles, so its not a surprise that there is an abundance of leftover, broken and unused bike chain lying around. Our artisans recognized this and in an effort to be "green" used this material as a base for decoration!

Adapting this material to modern and functional design, our artisans create hooks, desk art, picture frames, and more from the bike chain. Metal molds are first created so the artisans can form the bike chain around the designs. Once the chain is put around the molds, the chain is soldered together and the hook or backing is added. Each piece is washed and coated in an antique bronze finish and tags are added.

This is just one example of our artisans ability to adapt to overseas markets and sustain a profitable business. The artisans constantly try new forms of creating products to be eco-friendly. Watch below to see how our bike chain products are developed!