Artisan Artforms: Wrapped Wire & Metal Craft


Wire and metal crafting is made by artisans at Johra & Bohra Handicrafts. These artisans create all of their products using metal wire and metal pieces. Our popular wrapped wire Snowmen, Birds, and Angels are made by these artisans! 

We talked with artisan Khalil Ahmed, business owner, who said he started this business out of necessity 8 years ago. He and his 3 brothers faced hardship after their farm was not able to support putting their kids through school or buying necessities for the families. After learning about fair trade, they partnered with a NGO to start the business and has been able to receive steady work ever since. The NGO continues to ensure they are paid fairly and are in good working conditions. Khalil now employs 10 people and runs his own workshop. His profits have steadily increased over the years!


How its made:

The process of making wrapped wire products begins with a metal form that the artisans solder together. After the form's design is approved, the artisans begin wrapping the wire around the form to create the shape and final product. Products can be dipped in any color to create vibrant pieces of decor! 

In addition to our wrapped wire products, these artisans make our best selling Flex Bowls! Talented hands wrap the wire and bend metal to form the flexible bowls which hold fruits, cookies, breads and more! Watch below to see how our flex bowls are made!