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23 & You
23 & You

23 & You

SKU# 94410
Our gorgeous 23 & You Bell Chime is adorned with 23 delicately suspended bells, each meticulously designed to resonate with the gentlest of breezes.

This wind chime creates a symphony of soothing tones that dance upon the air. When the wind blows you'll be rewarded with a magical sound that will delight your soul.

Whether in a tranquil garden, a cozy patio, or a serene balcony, this wind chime transforms any space into a sanctuary of serenity and calm.

• Made from upcycled metal
• Coated and heated in copper shavings to obtain unique exterior look
• Tuned by hand to perfection
• The frame is finished in gold coloring to match bells
• We recommend spraying with a clear coat to prevent rusting
• Size: 20" L x 16" W